Can We Be Friends?

Click of Six, I want to talk about a controversial conversation that I have found myself in several different times throughout life and just again recently. 

Can males and females be friends?

A friend of mine is currently going through a breakup and as we were talking he made some comments that were reminiscent of a previous boyfriend. So I asked him “do you think that when in a relationship you should drop friends of the opposite sex?” He replied that other than me (who’s like his sister) he doesn’t keep females around out of respect to his relationship. 

Hmm…” I thought.

Well, let me ask you this… “if a guy and girl kissed once like six years ago and maintained a friendship, can they no longer be friends?” He said no.

Then he told me that men are always thinking about balloon animals and that they’re usually waiting to get out of the friend zone, especially if their “friend” is attractive.

I acknowledged that as a female it would be pretty easy to find someone to hook up with, even one of my guy friends. But I don’t. And if that friend hasn’t crossed the line, done anything to make me feel uncomfortable, or disrespected my relationship why am I obligated to dump the friendship? 

He then told me I was starting to sound like his ex. 

It’s a topic that will be probably be debated until the end of mankind with no clear answer, but what do you think? Can men and women just be friends?

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