Fake news is rampant in the media now-a-days, but can you tell fact from fiction?

Below you will find three news stories, one of which is true and the other two are fake. Read the three news stories and guess which one is real.

Lakers Fans Frustrated With Volatile Concession Prices In Crypto.Com Arena

Numerous arguments had reportedly broken out in the concession areas Wednesday among Lakers fans frustrated with the volatile concession prices in the newly christened Crypto.com Arena. As part of the naming rights deal for the Crypto.com arena, several concession stands are only accepting crypto currency as payments, leading to constantly changing prices. One fan said “This is stupid, I was here 30 minutes ago and bought an $8.12 hot dog, and now I’m back and a single hot dog costs $10.73”.

Berlin’s Public Transit Company Promises Relaxing Trips With Edible Hemp Tickets

Berlin's public transport operator BVG has introduced an edible "hemp ticket" which it jokes can help alleviate the stress of travel at Christmas and take the edge off Berliners' infamous crabbiness. The BVG says its ticket contains no forbidden substances and is made of edible paper drizzled with hemp oil which comes from the seeds of the cannabis plant, and "is said to have a relaxing effect".

Want To Stand Out at Work? Study Suggests Using A ‘Foreign Accent’

A new study conducted by the University of Iowa found that employees who speak with a foreign accent are more likely to get raises and promotions. The study also found that people imitating foreign accents during interviews were more likely to get hired than candidates without an accent. “It might be advantageous to use a fake accent to get hired, but it could prove detrimental in the long run when you have to keep up your fake accent after starting the job” ​​said study co-author Melissa Chamberlin.

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