When you're suffering from a bad cold and it's snowing outside, you tend to watch WAY too much Netflix. Last week, I stumbled across a series called Cooked, which is the history of cooking. It was fascinating.

The first episode was called 'Fire', which showed how the invention of fire led to the modern barbeque. It made me desire fire grilled meat. Fortunately, Grand Rapids has five places that do that very, very well. 

1. Two Scotts Barbeque -- 536 Leonard St. NW. Newbies to this west side eatery tend to go for the sampler. Screw that. Get the burnt ends 'just meat' platter, throw in a side of baked beans and be your on your way. To Barbeque Heaven.

Two Scotts/Faceboo

2. Horseshoe Smokehouse -- 333 Grandville St. SW. If forced to pick one thing off Horseshoe's menu, I would lean toward the bricket, but you would be hard pressed to find anything not delicious on their menu. My mouth's watering just thinking about it.


3. The Pit Stop -- 6479 28th St. SW. Intially a catering business, but now thay have a retail location, too. The catch is they're only open on Thursdays. The ribs and the brisket are a smoke lover's treat, but the pulled chicken may be the thing that keeps me coming back.

The Pit Stop/Facebook

4. Dallas Deli -- 3660 Byron Center Ave. SW. To go with a Texas theme for a barbecue restaurant is bold. But Kim and Sam Barnes back it up with not only quality fare, but affordable as well. Here, I would recommend the sampler to take it all in. Pretty good chili as well.

Dallas Deli/Facebook

5. Slow's -- Downtown Market, 435 Ionia Ave SW. A Detroit import, but delicious nontheless. 'The Reason' sandwich says it all, especially if you're like me and you love Carolina style sauce. A little pricey, but pretty darn good.