Starting in 2021, there is no need to rely on your data when you are sending photos of our beautiful parks to your friends.

With the help of Kent County, the City of Grand Rapids has announced a pilot program that will introduce WiFi hotspots to 10 city parks.

Pilot Program Locations

  • Ah-Nab-Awen Park
  • Belknap Park
  • Briggs Park
  • Fish Ladder Park
  • Garfield Park
  • MacKay-Jaycees Park
  • MLK Park
  • Richmond Park
  • Riverside Park
  • Roosevelt Park

There is no announcement as to when the WiFi will be installed and active for public use yet.  But, according to the Facebook post by The City of Grand Rapids, "These hotspots will be placed in locations near picnic shelters and pool houses for year-round use. Stay tuned for details on specific locations of the hot spots and how to connect!"

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