My new little toy was delivered on New Year's Eve, and it's pretty awesome!

You've probably seen this video of the granny experiencing virtual reality with a weird cardboard thing put up to her face. If not, check this out.

It's a product called Google Cardboard. I just ordered one on Sunday after I saw this video, ya know, just to see what the deal was. I bought mine from, where the price was a little over $20. My thought is if the experience is anything like grandma had, it will be well worth the money.

It was TOTALLY worth the money.

The way it works is you slide your smartphone into the cardboard and look through the viewfinder. Then head to the Google Play store and find some apps that are designed to go along with it. One app lets you view your own videos and pictures in virtual reality. Others are games, one where you're walking through a haunted house, another where you're able to explore space. Another, which is so far my favorite is called Sisters. This app will FREAK YOU OUT.

I have more playing around to do, but it's an incredible technology for a fairly low price.