As most of you have probably heard the catchy song by Cee-Lo, the song is up for four Grammy Awards, including "Record of The Year" during the Grammys on CBS in 72 days on February 13th.

Although the song title has an alternate version called "Forget You", the actual Grammy will have the "F--- You" song title attached to it.  The song IS indeed catchy.  I was watching Headline News yesterday when the question was raised whether it was appropriate or not.  I had to look it up on you tube to hear it for myself.  And I have NOT been able to get the song out of my head ever since!

Cee-Lo's performance of the song that WAS actually aired on Comedy Central's Colbert Report had the lyrics changed to "Fox News", instead of the original lyrics.   Although viewers were sent to Comedy Central's website for the real version.  A hilarious sample of the song that WAS aired can be found on stereogum's website.

Sign up to to tell me if you feel the Grammys are going too far.  Have you heard the song?  Have you seen the video?  Do you allow your kids to listen to the song?  Do you feel you can actually control what your kids are exposed to this day & age, where a song called "F--- You" is nominated for "Record of The Year"?  Tell me, I gotta know!

And one last thing... Why is the award called, "Record of the year" when MOST songs are not even cut into vinyl any more?  Heck, do your kids even know what a record is?

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