This is my open letter to people of planet Earth.

Dear People Everywhere,

I'm asking that you slow down, look around you, and be thankful for those things going right in your life, and have empathy for the numerous human-beings you'll come into contact with.

This isn't just some random request from a 32-year-old Midwest DJ, this comes from someone who has been observing some pretty cranky people. I mean, have you felt it? For the last few weeks people everywhere seem to be close to a total breakdown. The easiest of tasks have been complicated by the overall funk of the air. I've notice it at work, at lunch, online, everywhere. It's like a zit getting ready to burst.

So my request is that everyone settle down. If it's the holidays that are bothering you, take a break YOU WILL SURVIVE. If it's the garbage the media is putting out right now, turn off the computer and the TV, go skip around your neighborhood.

Most importantly, have patience with the people around you. Show some respect and smile, even if you're not going to get any respect or smiles back, you don't know what other people are going through.

No matter what you're going through, you will get through it. It will pass. Be the better person, love your human brothers and sisters and enjoy the holidays.