Are there things in life that bring you an odd sense of happiness or satisfaction?

For example, putting the knife into a new jar of creamy peanut butter or seeing the puss come out of a pimple. Yes, there are people who enjoy that... haven't you seen all the recent videos on YouTube?

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping and made a stop at the meat counter and it brought me such joy to watch the guy scoop the meat. But it has to be the ground beef.

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I know that sounds strange but it's the way the ground beef looks. It's so red and spaghetti-like and I love seeing the person behind the counter scoop it out. It's always been a weird thing that has brought me satisfaction, ever since I was a kid. I can seriously stare at raw ground beef all day and be happy.

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I also like seeing dog food come out of a can, but the food has to still be intact, in the shape of a can. It just looks so smooth and I cant wait to break it apart.

What odd thing in life brings you satisfaction?

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