With flu season just around the corner, Spectrum Health is gearing up to get people vaccinated.

According to the CDC, flu season peaks from December through March, but infections start to rise in the beginning of the fall.  And with COVID-19 being a concern for health care systems throughout the country, the CDC and health care providers have been urging residents to get vaccinated for the flu as well as other illnesses.

That's why Spectrum Health is offering vaccinations for 16 different illnesses and a variety of other health services at 40 curbside clinics throughout West Michigan.

According to an article by Wood TV 8, you can get your flu shot, a vitamin B12 injection, a variety of other vaccinations, a blood pressure test, or a strep throat test.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, some people have been avoiding doctors offices and hospitals, which has resulted in a drop in vaccination rates.

You can schedule an appointment at one of these curbside locations by visiting Spectrum Health's website.  With locations scattered all across West Michigan, you should be able to find a curbside clinic close to your home.  The curbside clinics are also utilizing a virtual waiting rooms, so you can stay in your car until the clinic is able to see you.

The Spectrum Health website also provides patients with information on their primary care facilities, urgent care facilities, and their virtual care options.

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