So, it's not normal to sweat in a cold room? There goes my weekend scuba plans!

These last two weeks I've been talking about the scuba diving class I was supposed to be taking this weekend at American Dive Zone in Kentwood, (Read more about that here) turns out that's not going to happen.

One of the things I've learned about scuba diving is to never dive when you're sick, it can cause some issues when you're trying to equalize (relieve pressure). In other words, you can really mess yourself up. Plus, doing anything while sick is never fun. The class I was going to take this weekend wouldn't have put me too far into the water, but shortness of breath is never good when you're heading under water.

With that said, I just want to point out how thorough American Dive Zone is with it's scuba training. I haven't even taken the class yet, but the literature they provided to me has taught me so much already. Without sounding cliche`, it's clear that safety is their number one priority, and that is so important when you're taking a leap into something you've never done before.

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Yet another safety device that American Dive Zone provides you with in the class packet, it's a dive planner.

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