Awww!  Isn't that the sweetest picture? 

I love animals, if you haven't picked-up on that yet, and just found some tell-tail (okay, tale) scoop about what our pets say about our personalities!

For example, dog lovers are usually sporty and low-maintenance.  I'd personally like to emphasize the later observation  because my family says just the opposite about me!  I'll be sharing this blog with them!! 

Cat lovers are more on the self-sufficient and independent side of things.  If you have a lizard, ferret, bird or horse ...

COED Magazine claims: 

If she owns a reptile, like a snake or lizard, expect her to be a little freaky or self-absorbed.

Bird-owners are very bubbly, talkative and optimistic. Girls with rabbits probably don't care much about cleanliness. Same thing with girls who keep rodents as pets.

The girl who owns a horse is wealthy and very high-maintenance. There are some girls who have insects as pets, like butterflies or ant farms. As you might guess, they're very into science and probably quite weird.