Gotta love the idiots of the world.

Today's stupid news is brought to you by a 33-year-old man from Connecticut who was pulled over in Vermont for speeding. According to the Burlington Free Press, Seth TIchenor was clocked in driving 112 mph in a 65 mph zone!! 

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

When the officer asked where he was headed to he responded that he was on his way to traffic court to resolve a speeding ticket. Shocker! Now, Tichenor finds himself with another ticket -- charges of excessive speed and negligent operation.

Karma at it's finest.

However, Tichenor isn't the only one to do something this stupid. Vermont State Police say they have pulled over about 10 drivers going at speeds of 100 mph or more on the interstate highways, this past month.

There is no word on whether Tichenor was successful in resolving his original ticket or not but something tells me that's highly unlikely.