It's been about four months now that you have been getting an inside look into my brain with the segment, Christine-ology --  what I think, feel, or feel passionate about. I've talked about The Bachelor, my love of hot showers, Trader Joe's, and couponing. I've gotten controversial from time to time, spoken about the woes of adulting, and even had an entire Christine-ology dedicated to absolutely nothing. But, over these last few months I've never forgotten to do my work! Until last night... I totally forgot about it until I got into work this morning. So what came out of it was this not-so-great poem below.

Click of six,
I can’t believe this.
Christine-ology is dis-missed.

It’s no fault of your own,
For I am alone.
It’s Tuesday .. I should have known,
But .. my mind was in another zone.

I know you come in with excitement
But I forgot to do my assignment. 

So Instead I come to you with a first.
No this was not rehearsed.
But it might just be the worst.

I admit, I forgot.
Maybe it was the pot
Maybe it was not
But either way, I got caught
Sorry Steve, this was not hot. 

You can hear me recite the poem from this morning, below. And listen for Christine-ology every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 a.m. Hopefully, I actually remember it this time around.

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