Michigan is known for many things, but our blueberries are the top of the list. So, it only seems right that we're now home to the first-ever Great American Blueberry Eating Competition.

Fresh blueberries in baskets at a local farmer's market

Get ready for a (blue)berry good time in Grand Rapids as the city hosts the first-ever Great American Blueberry Eating Championship. This fun and unique event is set to take place at noon this Saturday, July 13th during the Beer City Open pickleball tournament. And if you thinking that's a strange location/host for the event- there's a good reason why it's happening there this weekend.

In celebration of National Blueberry Month and in honor of blueberries being the official fruit of Major League Pickleball, spectators will witness a thrilling display of competitive eating. Several top nationally-ranked professional eaters will vie for the championship title and an impressive prize purse of $8,000. And yes, it's an officially registered event with Major League Eating.

The competitors include:

- Geoffrey Esper from Oxford, MA, ranked #2
- James Webb from Little Elm, TX, ranked #3
- Nick Wehry from Tampa, FL, ranked #5
- Patrick Bertoletti from Chicago, IL, ranked #9

These eating champions will have eight minutes to consume as many blueberries as possible, aiming to set a new world record for the most blueberries eaten in one sitting.

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Come join the fun and cheer on your favorite competitors at this must-see event at Belknap Park, and of course- good luck to the competitors as they try to take home the crown for the first time ever.

And since they say a world record could be broken this weekend with how many blueberries are eaten, here are some of the other records broken right here in Michigan.

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