Last year we met Grand Rapids Police Officer Adam Ickes when he shared a special moment with a 5-year-old boy who wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

We also heard about Officer Ickes when we had the giant light saber battle at Rosa Parks Circle and he was spotted sparring with a young spiderman.

Well then we heard about how he and couple other officers handled the drunk driving accident involving an assistant prosecutor on Nov. 19, 2017.  He, along with Sgt. Thomas Warwick and Lt. Michael Janiskee let Kent County Prosecutor Josh Kuiper off the hook for drunk driving.

All three were suspended without pay during the investigation into the incident.

At the end of January, Grand Rapids Police Chief David Rahinsky and Grand Rapid City Manager, Greg Sunstrom had publicly stated they believed the officers should be fired, because they violated the trust of the citizens.

Well, today we found out that the City has reached an agreement with the Grand Rapids Police Officer Association on behalf of Officer Ickes regarding punishment for his part in the handling of the incident.

From the press release from the City of Grand Rapids:

Officer Ickes has accepted a 30-day suspension without pay.  He has also acknowledged and accepted responsibility for his role during this event.

Termination hearings for Sergeant Thomas Warwick and Lieutenant Matthew Janiskee are pending and scheduled in the coming weeks.


All three officers have a good reputation within the department and the community, so hopefully this was just an err in judgement.

Source: City Of Grand Rapids, Fox 17

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