It's pretty obvious that women require more maintenance. We've got our hair and beauty products, clothes, accessories, etc. so it's no surprise that it costs more to be a woman. However, research from the New York City Consumer Affairs found that products for females cost 7% more than products geared for men.

The study compared 8,000 different products from toys to clothing and personal care for both males and females. 42% of the time women are paying more, even when the item in question is nearly identical. For example, girls toys were consistently marked higher as well as women's clothing with the exception of underwear.

Personal care products, such as shampoos, razors and deodorant, had the highest premium for women with a 13% price discrepancy. Women are paying almost half (48%) more for hair care products as compared to men.

Since some of these products have no difference besides the colors, it could be something to think about the next time you're out shopping for a new razor.

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