We're a little behind the curve on this story, but a great story like this is better late than never.  The website Delish.com rated coffee shops all over the United States and our very own MADCAP COFFEE on Monroe Center was on the list!

Here's what they had to say...

Madcap Coffee, Grand Rapids, MI

MadCap Coffee Company in Grand Rapids is on board with personal expression through coffee making. It is an art to them, and as such, they host events to display the beauty and intricacies of coffee brewing. For example, one could come by the shop to see how "two beautiful coffees are working together" in the deconstruction of their Holiday Fusion blend, by tasting all of the coffees that go into the blend, one by one. With the sophistication of any gourmand, they also offer coffee pairings with molasses cookies, roasted nuts, and dried fruit.

Go directly to the Madcap review page HERE. And see the full story including all ranked coffee shops HERE.

Congratulations Madcap Coffee!