As an avid concert goer, I've spent a lot of time at arenas and stadiums across Michigan. And whether you're there for sports or music, the stadium experience itself pretty similar. But, there is one thing that is strictly different at each venue: the price of a beer.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Recently the social media page NFL memes posted a list of NFL stadiums and their beer prices, and you will be happy to know tied for the cheapest was the Detroit Lion's home field, Ford Field. It only will cost you $6.25 to snag a beer there (a steal compared to almost anywhere these days) But, how does it compare to the rest of Michigan's music and sports venues?

I did the research to find the cheapest and most expensive places to get a drink, and it's a little surprising which Arena is going to clean out your wallet.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Michigan's cheapest stadium/arena beer goes to... Comerica Park. With a beer only costing you $5.25, you won't care if the Detroit Tigers win or lose.

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Meanwhile, the most expensive is Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids. While, Van Andel didn't use to be the most expensive, they're really raised their prices post-pandemic.

Ken Evans | Townsquare Media Grand Rapids 2022
Ken Evans | Townsquare Media

In fact, right now it will run you $18 to get a beer or hard seltzer, which is insane. Considering a 4 pack of high noons costs almost 50% less than a single one would cost you there.

Not only that, it's over $10 more than every other arena in Michigan. While, I get wanting people to be responsibile, this is a little unhinged. And listen, I've paid what Van Andel asks before and will pay it again, but it doesn't mean i'll be getting more than one drink like i do at other sports venues across the state.

This season we'll also see the addition of beer sales to College Football stadiums and Arenas, so that may change this list. But as of now? Go see the tigers if you wanna drink for cheap

Here's the list of prices I found for sports venues across Michigan.

Comerica Park - $5.25
LMCU Ballpark - $6
Ford Field - $6.25
Homer Stryker Field - $6.50
Wings Event Center - $7
Van Andel Arena- $18

Did I miss one, or do you have an updated price? You can email me.

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