Well, he actually left her $999.58, because he didn't do the math correctly on his $60.42 bill, but he's still awesome in our book!   Both waitresses at the same restaurant, a woman and her mom have been hoping to someday visit Florence, Italy- where their family is from.  They've never been before, but didn't have the additional money to fund the excursion.

In the small town where they work, the mother was sharing this story with one of her customers. She also mentioned that she has 8 years of art history education under her belt. So you can see how this couldn't be more perfect, Florence being one the largest art capitals around the world.

Major kudos to the kind customer. He left the tip, along with a note that said, "Your ticket to Italy. Enjoy!"

The picture of the receipt went viral after the woman shared it on the internet. Good news DOES still exist these days, yay!

Here's the link to the original blog post: http://casualcynic.tumblr.com/post/50851952982/edit-we-know-about-the-42-cents-lol-we-have-it