Being a female is tough. Especially when we have to deal with the dreadful monthly visitor. You know who I'm talking about, Aunt Flo. Guys will never understand what we have to go through, but two guys from Ohio have helped lessen the pain.

PEOPLE Magazine reports that the 19-year-old's started a subscription gift box service called The PMS Package, that gets delivered to your home every month. Think of it like the ipsy makeup service, except for your period! It includes a variety of things that any woman would want need during that time of the month.

"Our packages change every month," co-founder Ashton Onesko tells PEOPLE. "We supply our boxes with goodies from the theme of the month or holiday. We have chocolate, lotions, candles, stuffed animals, fuzzy socks, candies and much more."

Subscribers have three different packages they can choose from starting from $12.99/month ranging to $34.99/month. Their website shows what each package includes, for the month of December. The cool part is the goodies, inside the box, change each month and correspond with the holidays.

THIS IS AWESOME! Now there's really no reason to get off the couch... unless it's to answer the door for your package!