Life was so easy as a kid. You did what you wanted (to an extent) without anyone judging.

Last night, I went to Target, and of course I went for one thing and stayed much longer than I should have. However, when I was walking through the 'Entertainment' section I saw that they had an area where you can play on the Wii. So, I put my basket down and started playing.

Christine George/Townsquare Media

For 30-40 minutes, I played Super Mario, Mario Tennis, and some other game where you shoot ink at balloons. It was great. I could've stayed there all night and played but then the "15 minute store is closing reminder came on" so I had unfortunately had to go.

I hadn't done that in a long time and doing that reminded me of when I would go shopping at Target with my Mom and I would spend the whole time in the entertainment section, playing video games.

I miss being a kid.

I also miss playing hide-and-seek in stores. When my Mom and her friends would go shopping and they'd bring us kids along we'd pass the time by playing hide-and-seek in stores like Marshalls or TJ Maxx. If I attempted to do anything like that now I'd probably get kicked out.

Overall, I just miss playing games, spending all day outside and such. That's why when I'm with my little cousins I take as much advantage of it as possible.

Kids have all the fun.

What do you miss about being a kid?