According to, there are a ga-gillion ways a first date can go wrong, but here are the top five things to watch out for to make sure you get a second chance!

  • Not Dressing for the Occasion -- Wearing a cocktail dress to a baseball game sends the signal that you're trying too hard. Keep things casual, but not sloppy, in the early going.
  • Taking About Exes -- Talking about ex-boyfriends isn't just annoying on dates -- it's annoying all the time.
  • Getting Drunk -- Maybe the reason you thought things were going great was because you were loopy from the wine. Know your limits or maybe avoid alcohol on the first date to make sure you don't say or do anything you regret.
  • Not Shutting Up -- Good conversations are about asking, listening and offering. If you leave a date not knowing anything about a guy, you didn't do your job.
  • Being Overly Flirtatious -- Give him a challenge. Just give him a sexy smile every once in a while. That's enough. No guy can resist.